Wednesday, 10 August 2011

GBBF - Why Size Matters.

What size would you like?

The first question and answer at GBBF.

After queueing on trade day for not too long, we past the ticket scanning area and I headed for the first table. the first most important decision at GBBF:

What size glass would you like? Pint, half pint or third of a pint goblet.

The half pint was the most colourful and attractive but the third pint goblet was most sleek in its shape. Although for quantity what you really want is the pint!

My decision was made before I even reached the table. A half pint glass for Hardknott Dave would be sufficient, after all it was a beer festival. He wouldn't need to drink by the pint as there were already too many beers for him to chose from.

For me - well if you read my previous blog you already know the answer. I never drink beer by the pint or even the half pint. I knew if there were any beers that I was going to get excited about they would definitely have an abv over 6% and a third of pint glass would be perfect to enjoy the aromas and flavours of a strong beer.

Right, my job was done. Glasses in hand now to find Dave. He had proceeded to search out a suitable location. I knew where to look. Somewhere between Bieres Sans Frontieres, Fullers and Pork Scratchings. As I arrived he quickly disappeared with the glasses volunteering to find the first beers.

On his return he offered me first, the half pint glass. Mmm lovely. He obviously put the beers in the wrong glasses. This was a delightful 8% Allagash - Flexus 2011French Style Farmhouse Ale. This would do very nicely for a start. However, I was soon to learn that this was his first choice and my beer was indeed in my third pint glass. Wow- absolutely gorgeous. He knows me so well.

What is it I asked him?

He couldn't remember its name all he could remember was its strength. I searched the program but was unable to find it. After a visit to the BSF bar W1, I identified the 15% beer to be Godzilla brewed by Lowells Beer Works USA.

The first choice was the only beer I needed. Although I did try one or two others just to be sure. Including Fuller's Reserve no.3 and an unofficial bottle of Hardknott Queboid which Hardknott Sooty had sneaked in. Both of these were enjoyed over an impromptu beer and cheese tasting session with Fiona Beckett the winematcher whom I met as a result of the #SaturdayKitchenCampaign.

When it was time to depart GBBF there was only one thing to do. A half pint glass and a third pint glass in hand, I returned to the BSF one last time. Please could you fill these both with Godzilla I smiled.  That done, I filled my now empty water container with my special take home beer, for a few hours further enjoyment later.

So my favourite beer was from the USA. Unfortunately I didn't get to try Ted's beer 'Wotcha' from Brewers Union 180 as it wasn't available on trade day. I'm very pleased to hear it won an Award.


  1. Ah so you were at the far end of the bar, shame you didn't come along to bottled and I would have said hi!

    Plus I want to read about the beer and cheese matching!

  2. Steve, sorry I didn't make it to the bottle section. If I hadn't been satisfied with the draught section I knew I had lots of bottles which were tempting me. However they are for another post.

  3. hehe fair enough! I can confirm that the bottles wer indeeed good. And despite flybe weight restrictions got 6kg of beer home :)

  4. Steve, I wish I had ventured over for some take home beer. I know you had one of my favourites but I'm not going reveal which one :)

  5. I think the importance of beer glassware in general is underestimated still. The GBBF containers, perhaps understandably, are covered in all sorts of labling (inc. useful 1/3, 1/2 and pint marks) and advertising.

    Much more subtlety is needed to entice new, younger people, to the delights of quality British, and foreign, beers.

    My favourite size? For festivals it has to be half pint glasses. This weekend's will have a unique cool glass design by

  6. this?