Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone.

Today I would like to thank Hardknott Dave for my wonderful Christmas present - an IPad. I may now be able to write more blogs once I get used to my new toy. I hope this will be more than just a blog writing type writer. I may even start to learn about this wonderful world of technology and catch up with our children and Dave.

I have tried touch screen phones a couple of times but I didn't like them. I like my Blackberry and can type fairly fast with the feel of the keys. However, a month ago we had some American friends staying, Ted and Christi. Christi brought her brand new iPad with her which she had just bought less than a week before coming to England. I wanted to write a blog and she was kind enough to trust me with her new expensive toy. Amazing I found I could type quite quickly and enjoyed writing the blog. I wondered at the time about the sparkle in Dave's eye as his brain was Obviously beginning to hatch Christmas plans.

I'm actually the sort of person who really likes surprises, nice ones of course. However, no matter how hard I try not to guess or know what I am getting for Christmas or birthdays, I usually have a fairly good idea. This year was no different. I was suspicious I may be getting an iPad and Dave knew that too. What I didn't know was that it could be inscribed and has been. A special touch which really does make this iPad mine. Despite it not being completely a surprise I wouldn't change this present for the world. It's probably one of the best Christmas presents I've ever had.

What did I buy Dave I hear you ask? Not something as impressive as an item of electronic or even musical technology. A selection of beers which I don't believe he has tried before. Wrapped up in an empty wine box just to confuse him. Also a new wallet as he is always complaining I never give him any money. He hasn't even checked in it to see if I gave him any money. But then he hasn't been to the pub yet.

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