Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Blogger Technology Fail

Welcome to my second attempt at writing a blog.

My first attempt HardknottAnn.blogspot.com staring the Adventures of Sooty started out very well for the first few hours, but due to the magic of technology it appears to have trapped itself in limbo blog land. Apparently according to technology it technically belongs to me, it's just that I am unable to access it but luckily no one else can either. My google account doesn't know it exists.

If anyone can help me to join the two parts of me back together I would be very grateful, but in the frustrating meantime I've decided to start another blog to deal with frustrating and entertaining issues.

Best not tell HardknottSooty just in case he waves his magic wand again and freezes my blog.

Now due to the fail in transmission I have a back log of blogs brewing, so best start now.


  1. Haha so easy to forget usernames and passwords. Well put on paper but then there no longer secure and Dave could hijack your account.
    Other choice is keep password and usernames encrypted, mm mm but then you still have to remember the password to open the file

  2. I know my password and username. Unfortunately my first blog does not seem to be able to recognise me.