Monday, 25 July 2011

HardknottSooty Gets into Blogging posted 11th May 2011

This blog was first posted on 11th May 2011 as one of my first two blogs. Unfortunately blogger waved its magic wand and prevented me editing it ever since. Using the wonders of control C and control Z I shall endevour to doa littler magic and implant my missing blogs into my new blog.

here goes - Abra cadabra

"Sooty, the family Bear, accidently fell into a rucksack one day. The rucksack belonged to HardknottAnn and it was packed ready for a twissup adventure. Little did this yellow bear know what adventures he was about to embark on and the subsequent development of HardknottSooty and his beer discoveries. Now he is here to tell of his adventures on his own blog. From TV fame to twitter fame and now to blog fame...well maybe?

Meet @HardknottSooty

Checking out beer with @HardknottAnn and @HardknottDave at the Maltings, York Twissup.

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